Proud Moment

May 4, 2017 was a proud moment for a designer like me who specially make costumes in traditional  wear.  Mrs. Aanandana Garg was chosen as 4th from West zone  Mrs. India contestant.

On 20th April I received a phone call from Ms. Anandana Garg asking for a Nauvari Saree. At that point of time I did not know that she is a Mrs. India Beauty Pegnent. She wanted it on a priority basis so I told her to meet me on the same day. She came to me within a couple of hours with her loving husband. I was little surprised to see a non -maharashtrian lady looking for typical Peshwa style Nauvari Saree and at that point I realised that she wantewanted it for some special occasion.  She tried sample Saree ready with me along with the typical Maratha jewellery at our work place of Poonam’s Nauwari Sarees. Both of them liked the Elegant  (Bhardasta) look and finalised at first go to make ready to wear Nauvari Saree from us. Then Aanandana told me that she is representing Western zone for Mrs. India Beauty Contest from then it was like making her look the most beautiful and Elegant lady on the stage.

I felt like a part of her journey to the beauty contest.  We started our work accordingly like choosing colour of the Saree, material, pattern, jewellery, colour of shawl to be draped on Saree, hair style etc. Actually we were short of time and we had to do all detailing. Aanandana gave me free hand in all aspect like colour, style, jewellery everything. She is extremly energetic and always thinking about her sons. Given her busy schedule we did short meetings and most of the discusson and finalisation was done online.

Aanandana’s Saree for her traditional wear round was ready along with all the jewellery and the final results are there with you. Now she is in the final round of Mrs. India Beauty Contest. We from Poonam’s Nauwari  Sarees wish her all the best for her final round. We want to see her wearing the crown.

All the best Aanandana

To vote for Aanandana : click on the below link. Scroll down the page, click on Login via fb (with ur name, mail id n passwrd), click on d (join in discussion) n write my name – Aanandana garg, click on d heart button n post it. Your vote will appear.
Thank you.


Ever smiling lady

Sangeeta is always ready for innovative things. She came to me with her favourite 5 yard Silk Saree which she wanted me to change into nine yard Saree.

First step was finalising the pattern:

We started discussing about different styles of Nauvari one of it was Mhalasa Saree which is now a days popular because of Jai Mallhar serial. She was ready to try new things. She decided to go for Mhalasa style Saree.

Second step was finding exact material:

The Saree she gave me was 5 yard Saree, extra material required for the nine yard Saree has to be arranged. This was crucial job as getting exact shade and material of Silk Saree is difficult. I tried in many well known shops but managed to get it in Vile Parle.

Third step was cutting Saree:

We had to make Saree using material so the the border should go with pallu border.  I cut the material as per size and kept saree border to be stitched to it

Forth stitching part:

My girls ready with their sewing machines for Stitching the Saree. They did their job well.

Sixtth step was giving Finishing  touch

This is also a big job. After the Saree is stitched you have to iron the front plates (ocha) and back pleets (kashta) and tuck the Saree properly. Fold it in proper way and pack it in a bag.

This ready Saree was appreciated by Sangeeta. She wore it for Sankranti  Haladikumkum and got positive remarks from her friends. Now She wants some more easy to wear Nauvari Sarees for other occasions.